Bypass Pumping Solutions

Whether you are encountering sanitary fluid in a line you need to tie into or have a pipeline that needs to cross a creek, Canadian Dewatering can bypass the flows and allow you access.

Bypass pumping is a very common practice in the pumping industry and we are experts in this field. With decades of experience in designing, building and operating bypass pumping systems Canadian Dewatering is your go-to solution provider.

Most municipalities and industrial companies will encounter the need to install a bypass at some point.

The following are a few examples Canadian Dewatering have encountered;

  • Large sanitary lines with flows as high as 65 MGD
  • Intake structure for a fertilizer plant that lost all flow through their intake structure because of frazzle ice.
  • Large oil and gas company required a river diverted at flow rates of 20,000 GPM to repair an undermined pipe.
  • A municipality in southern Alberta needed to dry up a river and remove sediment.
  • A hospital in Calgary required maintenance on their cooling tower.
  • Bypassing an irrigation canal for bridge construction.
  • River water pump house diversion to allow for sediment removal.
  • Creek diversions for culvert installation.
  • Sanitary lift stations that require maintenance.

If your process is being interrupted due to unwanted fluid, we’re on duty 24/7/365 to design, build, and operate a system to bypass your problem.

We are Canada’s leading bypass pumping contractors. Contact us today to learn more about our bypass pumping systems and water diversion methods.